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  • MainLines of ROSSTANDART Activity - 29 questions
  • THE CUSTOM UNION - 12 questions -

    The Custom Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia is a form of trade and economic integration of these countries that foresees a united custom territory within which customs duties and limitations of economical nature in mutual trade are not applied except special protective, antidumping and compensational measures. At that, the country-members of the Custom Union do apply uniform custom rates and other regulative measures in their trade with the third countries.

    In the official EvrAsES documents the name «the Custom Union within the European-Asian Economic Community» or, more often, just «the Custom Union» is used. You can get acquainted with purposes and activities of the Custom Union with the help of the reference:

  • STANDARDIZATION - 6 questions -

    Standardization is the activity dedicated to development, publication and application of Standards. This also is the activity related to establishing norms, rules and characteristics for the purposes of protection of products, works and services for environment, life, health and property, technical and information compatibility, as well as product interchangeability. It also concerns products, works and services quality according to the developmental level of science, technic and technology; traceability; saving of all kinds of resources; safety of economy entities taking into account the risk of nature and technogenetic calamities and other emergencies; defensive capacity and mobilization readiness of a country.


    The aims of Standardization are:


    • increase of the level of safety of people life and health, property of physical and legal persons, public and municipal property, entities subject to the risk of nature and technogenetic emergencies; increase of the level of ecological safety and safety of life and health of animals and plants;

    • quality and competitiveness assurance of products (works, services; traceability; rational рационального resource usage; interchangeability of technical facilities (mechanisms and equipment, their components, add-in products and materials), technical and information compatibility; compatibility of the results of researches (tests) and measurements, technical and economical-statistical data; analyzing products (works, services) characteristics; carrying out government orders; voluntary conformity assurance for products (works, services);

    • assistance in compliance of technical regulations requirements;

    • creation of systems for classification and encoding of technical and economic as well as social information, cataloging systems for products (works, cervices), systems for products (works, cervices) quality assurance, systems for data retrieval; assistance in unification works.

    Standardization is realized according to the following principles:

    • voluntary usage of standardization documents;

    • maximum consideration of legal interests of stakeholders on developing standards;

    • applying the International Standard as a base for developing the National Standard.

    Technical Committees are a primary group in the National Standardization System.

    The National Standardization Body establishes the Technical Committees and coordinates their work. 

  • TERMINOLOGY - 3 questions -

    Terminology of each branch of knowledge is built on the base of conceptual relations of professional knowledge. As a systematic term set, Terminology confines and verbally fixes concept system of one or another branch of knowledge. Terminologies and “the terms, as their components, are a tool with the help of which scientific theories, laws, principles, provisions” are formed, that is “in the terms socially organized reality is reflected, so the terms have a socially obligatory nature”.

    The basic terms— as a terminology code— of a specific knowledge sphere are published in the form of Terminology Collections.

    Here are examples of a reference to the “RosTerm” Data Bank” .

  • METROLOGY - 5 questions -

    Metrology is a science of measurements, methods and means of their uniformity, and ways of achieving required precision.

    Metrology has three parts:

    • Theoretical part
      It addresses general theoretical matters (developing theory and studying problems of measurement of physical quantities, their unities and measurement methods).
    • Applied part
      It studies matters of practical application of theoretical metrology developments. All the questions of metrological assurance are in its competence.
    • Legal or Regulatory part
      It establishes mandatory technical and legal requirements for application of units of physical quantities, measurement methods and instruments.

  • CERTIFICATION - 15 questions -

    Certification is one of the forms of subjects’ conformity assessment to the requirements of Technical Regulations (TR), Standard provisions, Codices or agreements conditions.

    Product Certification is a quality assessment procedure by means of which an independent from a manufacturer (seller, executor) and a consumer (buyer) organization certifies in a written form that the product meets the established requirements.

    OAO «VNIIS» carries out a broad activity specter on conformity assessment of products, services and management systems. "VNIIS" is accredited for carrying out works on conformity assessment to TR requirements. You can get familiarized with the work of the organization with the help of the following reference.


    The Federal Information Fund of Technical Regulations and Standards is an organizationally arranged ensemble of documents in the field of Technical Regulating and a National Resource.

    The Federal Information Fund of Technical Regulations and Standards is a base of informational support of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulating and Metrology and its jurisdictional organizations; Federal Bodies of Legislative, Executive and Judicial Powers; economic activity subjects; public organizations; technical committees; expert commissions, other legal as well as physical persons.

    As to March 20, 2014, 26675 RF National Standards, as well as National Standards Data Bases of the Custom Union country-members Republic of Belarus and Republic of Kazakhstan operate in the Federal Information Fund of Technical Regulations and Standards.

  • AIS EXPRESS-STANDARD - 2 questions
  • OTHER - 0 questions